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Anda Seat Dark Knight Will Make You Want to Sit More

Brandon Driver / Lifestyle / Home / Published: Feb 4th, 2019
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Chairs matter. More and more, we consumers find ourselves planted in our seats for work, for leisure, for gaming, for entertainment, and plenty more. Should we ever find ourselves as a race speeding towards the chair-confined, space-traveling population depicted in the movie Wall-E, it’ll be important to know now where your top quality enablers of ensconcement are. Anda Seat’s Dark Knight is the bottom line of this piece, a chair crafted for excellence in visual appeal and physical comfort as well as innovative features.

The Dark Knight is built from the highest of quality materials, enough so that Anda Seat is offering a lifetime warranty with any chair. Carbon fiber, a leather-like luxury material, premium black PVC, high-density mold-shaping foam, PU rubber coated wheels, class 4 hydraulic pistons, a 5-star aluminum base, steel framework, all cumulate in this masterpiece of a chair, boasting a holding capacity of 441 lbs. and a height range of 5’6” - 7’2”. This chair features large viscoelastic memory foam lumbar and head cushions, 4D adjustable armrests and a 90º - 160º tilt mechanism, all for maximum relaxation for those long nights. The 160º tilt is even enough to be comfortable for a quick nap should the occasion call.
Supported by professional gaming companies like AHQ E-Sports Gaming Club, Republic of Gamers, MSI, Anda Seat is growing in popularity, and for good reason. If you or your loved ones aspire to be a professional gamer or a member of one of the aforementioned organizations, why not support them (literally) with an aligned brand name. Check out Anda Seat, and give the Dark Knight a sit, your caboose will be grateful.

Photo credit to: Andy (certified)