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Media Reviews

BuzzFeed Gaming Chair

" ...Since getting this chair ... My husband is forever talking about how comfortable it is and how much more his back feels supported ... "

mmorpg gaming chair review

" ... Anda Seat has definitely made me a fan of the brand. They hit such a high note for me when I was taking a luxurious coast down Comfort Land ... "

gamesradar+ gaming chair

"...Anda Seat's Dark Knight chair is a big, comfortable seat perfectly suited to gamers with larger/taller frames..."

gadget review gaming chair

" ... This high-back chair is ergonomically designed and made with quality materials for comfort as well as durability... "

Hardcore gamer gaming chair

" ... Comfort is arguably more important than appearance, and this is an area where AndaSeat delivers.... "

neoseeker gaming cahir

" ... Anda Seat managed to deliver a well-rounded product for gamers ... Highly recommended for those who want to game in style... "

we got this covered gaming chair

" ... With a premium price comes premium quality. Anda Seat's Dark Wizard Chair delivers on its promises of sturdy construction and comfortable materials... "

pureoc gaming chair

" ... The chair at a first glance looks awesome! The stitching is superb and it really helps the product to stand out from the crowd ... "

echogear gaming chair review

" ...The chair feel sturdy, extremely supportive, and are highly adjustable. No matter how you prefer to sit, close to the screen or reclined, these chairs have you covered. "

estnn gaming chair

"...Whether you’re a gamer or just someone that spends a lot of time in front of their computer, having a comfortable chair isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity..."

gaming nexus gaming chair

" ... Let me tell you that this chair, without a doubt, is the most comfortable chair I’ve ever had in my office... "

GamingScan gaming chair

" ... This is not only luxurious, it’s resistant to compression, meaning you’ll be able to use this chair for years without any degradation in comfort ... "


" ... Anda Seat Dark Knight, a chair crafted for excellence in visual appeal and physical comfort as well as innovative features... "


" ... The AndaSeat Pretty In pink Chair is one of the best I have used. My wife has given it high remarks as well and has claimed it for herself ... "

" ... Anda Seat’s Dark Wizard Chair will have you channeling powerful magicks in no time.... The unique neck pillow design supports the entire upper back, shoulders, and neck.. "