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Q: How much does the shipping cost?

A: Anda Seat covers all the shipping fee for our customers, so it is free for you.


Q: What is the contact for any issue regarding the chair?

A: If the purchase was made directly on our website, please contact:


Q: If I ordered the wrong model, how do I cancel it? Who do I contact?

A: For any order cancellation, please send an email to with your order number and order information.


Q: How do I know when will the chair be back to stock if the model I want to order is currently out of stock

A: We post all product information including re-stock ETA, new product launch, and promotion on our website as well as all the social media such as Instagram, Twitter etc.


Q: What makes Anda Seat different from other brands?

A: At Anda Seat, we use the best material on our products with our top design team. We have the longest warranty, lifetime for our frame and 2 years for parts. This is the quality guarantee that other brands can’t offer. Last but not least, the price for our chairs are affordable, we do not add up our MSRP with the marketing cost or company markup.


Q: Who do I have to contact to get sponsored by Anda Seat?

A: For all sponsorship inquiries please send an email to with the link and detail information about your community.


Q: What if I don’t have the tool and don’t know how to assemble the chair?

A: We offer tools with every chair we sell, there is also a video guide on our website to show you how to put the chair together.


Q: If I buy on Amazon, and it will give me a 2-year warranty?

A: All Anda Seat chairs, we offer 2 years warranty on accessories and lifetime warranty on frame.


Q: What is the sturdiest and most comfortable. PVC, Mesh, or PU?

A: PVC is the most comfortable and durable material. PVC is very easy to clean and Mesh is more breathable.


Q: Does the new chair has any strong chemical smell issue?

A: No, the chair doesn't smell at all even brand new in the package.


Q: What is Anda Seat Warranty policy?

A: All Anda Seat gaming style office chairs are enjoying lifetime warranty exclude wear and tear.
Please find the detail information under our warranty policy page.


Q: How do I decide what chair would be best for me?

A: Please refer to our shopping guide.

Our Shopping Guide provides a wide range of information on our chairs, however, if you find you are still not sure, please send an email to with your approximate weight and height.


Q: How do I purchase parts for my chair?

A: For part purchases, please send an email to with what you are looking for and your chair model.





Q: What is Anda Seat’s Return Policy?

A: Our return policy is listed under the terms and conditions on our website


Q: How do I assemble Anda Seat chairs myself?

A: The Assembly Video and Guide will give you a good step-by-step visual walkthrough, as well as some important safety information to keep in mind. So watch it through at least once before starting and you'll find it much easier. An average person takes about 15 minutes to assemble the chair!

If you run into any issues during the assembly, please don't hesitate to drop us an email at and our support team will do our best to help you.


Q: Where can I find a Anda Seat chair?

A: We're currently working on getting a few locations around the states where you can try our chairs out in comfort as well online platform. You can find them on our Where to buy page! We'll post news and announcements on our Facebook page as well, so be sure to like our Facebook page for updates.