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The best gaming chair in 2019

Alan Bradley / Gaming chair / Published: June 18th, 2019
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7. Anda Seat Dark Knight

The best gaming chair for large frames

Dimensions: 28" x 26"x 54.8" | Seat height: 50" to 55"

+ Plush and comfortable
+ Big and supportive
+ High quality, enduring materials
- Overlarge (though detachable) pillow

Anda Seat's Dark Knight chair is a big, comfortable seat perfectly suited to gamers with larger/taller frames. It's build from top quality materials and is as sturdy and durable as its eponymous legend, and was a breeze to unbox and assemble.

It's also remarkably adjustable, so even if it doesn't perfectly conform to your body out of the box you can customize it to suit you. Aesthetically it's very pleasant, all muted blacks and attractive angles, the sort of chair you'd envision Bruce Wayne settling into in front of a massive bank of displays to monitor the streets of Gotham in his subterranean lair. While I found the included neck pillow protruded a bit too aggressively from the back of the chair, it's easy enough to remove it and the chair is plenty comfortable without the additional support.

 Best for… larger gamers or anyone who enjoys luxuriating in a massive chair