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Assassin Series
Gaming Chair

M size
2D Armrests
Regular Pillows
$399.99   $299.99

Dark Knight Premium
Gaming Chair

XL size
4D Armrests
Memory Foam Large Pillows

$699.99   $549.99

Axe Series
Gaming Chair

M size
2D Armrests
Regular Pillows

$399.99   $349.99

Spirit King Series
Gaming Chair

L size
3D Armrests
Large Lumbar Support

$499.99   $399.99

Gaming chair - Neoseeker - Editor's Choice
Gaming chair - Neoseeker - Editor's Choice
Lifetime Warranty
Gaming Chair review - MMORPG


Dark Knight & Dark Wizard

Looking to upgrade your office or gaming set with a comfortable chair?
We have the solution for you.
At Anda Seat, we never stop our product improvement.
Our Premium Dark Knight and Dark Wizard gaming chair have been
upgraded with superior material and accessory.
It is time to treat yourself better with a real chair that understands
what is the real comfort.

Upgraded large neck pillow and extra large lumbar support
made with memory foam to bring your the ultimate comfort
Upgraded multifunction mechanism, increase the weight limit
to more than 400 lbs.
5-star aluminum chair base, made with high quality PU covered castors
Premium high-end PVC leather, same material as race car seat.

-From the Press-

Anda Seat Assassin King Gaming Chair Review

" ... Anda Seat managed to deliver a well-rounded product for gamers ... Highly recommended for those who want to game in style... "

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Anda Seat Axe Series High Back Gaming Chair

" ... adjustable tilt increases or decreases tension to match your body weight, ensuring easy, and sturdy rocking without causing muscle fatigue ... "

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" ... Anda Seat has definitely made me a fan of the brand. They hit such a high note for me when I was taking a luxurious coast down Comfort Land ... "


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" ... This is not only luxurious, it’s resistant to compression, meaning you’ll be able to use this chair for years without any degradation in comfort ... "

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Anda Seat Assassin King Gaming Chair Review

" ... Comfort is arguably more important than appearance, and this is an area where AndaSeat delivers. Something nice about their products is each chair lists... "

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Top Gaming Accessories At CES 2018

" ... The chair feel sturdy, extremely supportive, and are highly adjustable. No matter how you prefer to sit, close to the screen or reclined, these chairs have you covered... "

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Anda Seat Spirit King Series Gaming Chair Review

" ... The chair at a first glance looks awesome! The stitching is superb and it really helps the product to stand out from the crowd ... "

Pureoc Editor's choice

Anda Seat Dark Wizard Gaming Chair Review

" ... With a premium price comes premium quality. Anda Seat's Dark Wizard Gaming Chair delivers on its promises of sturdy construction and comfortable materials... "

we got this covered

Anda Seat Pretty In Pink Gaming Chair Review

" ... The AndaSeat Pretty In pink Chair is one of the best I have used. My wife has given it high remarks as well and has claimed it for herself ... "

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Anda Seat Dark Knight Premium Chair

" ... Anda Seat Dark Knight, a chair crafted for excellence in visual appeal and physical comfort as well as innovative features... "

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Anda Seat Dark Wizard Gaming Chair Review

" ... Anda Seat’s Dark Wizard Chair will have you channeling powerful magicks in no time.... The unique neck pillow design supports the entire upper back, shoulders, and neck.. "

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Assassin King gaming chair – a solid, affordable option

" ... The thick foam used on the chair works well and offers a firmer experience than some of your more cushy office chairs. .....I prefer this as it blends comfort and back relief without making you feel like you’re losing yourself... "

KnowTechie gaming chair review

Premium PVC Leather

As a former race car seat manufacturer for BMW & Benz, we insist on using exactly the same leather material for all our gaming chairs.
Our premium PVC leather is durable, flexible, soft and tear-proof. Comparing with PU leather, our PVC leather can last much longer without losing shape, no smell, super easy to clean

3D/4D Armrests

Nothing would do a better job to offer the extreme comfort than Anda Seat highly adjustable armrests. The surface is covered by PU, it supports the forearm to relieve wrist pressure and muscle strain. Which maximum your gaming experience

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