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E3 2018: Have a Seat, AndaSeat

Chris Shive / Gaming chair / Published: June 27th, 2018
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Creating the perfect gaming set up can be a time-consuming and daunting task. Putting together all the obvious gaming stuff is easy like console gamers wanting an 85 inch 4K TV and PC gamers wanting a custom rig that costs more than a third world country’s GDP; those things are no brainers. Some of the the more complicated decisions come from what our family members would consider more practical items, one of which being a place to sit. Couches and folding chairs have traditionally got the job done, but gaming chairs have gotten rather popular in recent years, with AndaSeat being one of the newer kids on the block in this arena.
Some brief history of AndaSeat, the Canadian company that would eventually become AndaSeat started in 2007, manufacturing race car seats for companies like BMW and Benz. In 2012 they followed the trends in the gaming industry and built their first gaming chair. 2016 was the official birth of AndaSeat, and wanting to remain in Canada based their office in Toronto. Today they have over twenty designers, countless intellectual property rights and many advanced technologies to guarantee the quality of their chairs.

There are two important factors that most people (i.e. me generalizing my criteria to everyone else) take into consideration when choosing a gaming throne, and those factors are how does it look in my place and how comfortable is it. The former consideration is subjection just based on whatever your individual tastes are but generally speaking the AndaSeat chairs are attractive. They have the look of a gaming chair, with the their roots and race car seat design being apparent yet with the exception of a few color schemes none of them would look out of place at an office. The Dark Demon was the personal favorite, but the Dark Knight and Dark Wizard were other good options for those who enjoy monochromatic furniture with their sleek black design. The names of their chairs do hint that they are intended for gaming, especially with some other chairs named Assassin King or Spirit King. A lot of the chairs come with a few different color schemes, so for people who like some color in their chairs have some options. E3 was also the first showing of the AndaSeat RGB chair, which has lights that can change color using a mobile phone app.

Comfort is arguably more important than appearance, and this is an area where AndaSeat delivers. Something nice about their products is each chair lists the recommended height and weight range for comfort. All chairs featured at E3 had a rocking function and 180 degree recline and there were a few different pillow configurations on the different models, though in general all pillow variations seemed to focus on providing a neck pillow and one for lumbar support. Underneath the carbon fiber of PVC leather (depending on the chair) was high density mould shaping foam to provide ergonomic support and comfort. Or it to put it all in layman’s terms, I met with AndaSeat on the last day of E3, I sat in one of their chairs and reclined and seriously considered taking a nap and missing all other scheduled appointments during the remaining six hours.

The video above shows some of what happened at the AndaSeat display at E3 this year. NBA player Dante Exum from Jazz came by to hang out. The video does showcase that AndaSeat chairs seems like they work well for office place races, but that might be ingrained in them from the company’s roots. For orders AndaSeat pays shipping costs so free shipping is a plus and the chairs have a lifetime warranty on their metal frame and a 6 year warranty on everything else. These chairs run from $349.99-529.99 depending on the model. Based on their comfort from personal experience, this is an option worth exploring for anyone in the market for a gaming/office chair.