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Gaming Chair at Staples

Anda Seat Gaming Chair at Staples

Starting from Aug 2019, you can buy your Anda Seat gaming chair at every single Staples retail store across Canada.

After numbers of meeting with VP, with PM and with buyers all together, we finally came up with an exciting agreement that will not only bring our partnership to the next level, but also provide the best and the most convenience services to both Staples and Anda Seat fans.
There will be 2-4 Anda Seat gaming chair demos at each Staples store, you can easily compare the comfort with different model, or with other Staples gaming chair brand.

Being able to work with retail giant like Staples, everyone at Anda Seat work so hard to provide the best gaming chair, and customer service.
Needless to say, being the only company that offers lifetime warranty in the gaming industry already tells you the quality of the product.
But this is not what it is all about.
Anda Seat cares about product improvement more than anyone else. Instead of changing the colour of the chair and sell it as a "brand new" model, we focus on the details.
The density of the memory foam, the strength of the leather material and the design of the gaming chair.
Every small part has been tested, optimized, built with efforts from multiple product teams.

There are more exciting news - Anda Seat and Staples Canada agreed to build a Staples gaming chair exclusive model that comes with 2 different colors - Staples signature colour Red, and Black.
The Staples gaming chair exclusive model will be announced and available in late Sep.