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Wassim Oueslati  / Gaming chair / Published: Wednesday, July 4th, 2018
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Anda Seat started as a race car seats manufacturer in 2007, and the experience acquired in the racing industry was later put to good use to satisfy a growing demand of exotic seats for gamers. In 2012, the company began offering OEM solutions to many premium gaming chair brands. Then in 2016 the Anda Seat brand as we know it today was established, which makes perfect sense from a business perspective since the company already owns the manufacturing process and facilities.

With the main mission of "creating the most comfortable gaming chair in the world", Anda Seat expanded into the North American market in 2017 where it offers the best product warranties currently available for gaming chairs. Each of Anda Seat's racing-inspired chairs carry a lifetime warranty on the frame, and six years warranty on the parts. These bold warranties are backed by a strong R&D team and a refined manufacturing process. Anda Seat offers a wide selection of gaming chairs, where users can find something for every taste and budget. Today however we will focus on the Anda Seat Assassin King Series. These chairs are one of the manufacturer's best sellers, mostly due to their reasonable asking price of $330 USD. The Assassin King chairs come in black with either red, grey or blue accents, sporting Anda Seat's excellent build quality and a rich feature set.

I was quite intrigued when I was contacted by Anda Seat's PR folks about a possible review of their Assassin King gaming chair. I personally never heard of the company before, and the gaming chair market seems pretty saturated as is. I later discovered that Anda Seat was apparently the only gaming chair company who officially attended CES 2018. Anda Seat seems to also be very active within the gaming community, sponsoring various events worldwide. I even managed to acquire a few pictures of Anda Seat's E3 activities where the company showcased its upcoming RGB premium gaming chair, shown below in the presence of a harmless assassin that was roaming E3 this year.

Anda Seat also got their chairs "hijacked" by the nice folks from the adjacent ALIENWARE booth. It seems they liked the Assassin King gaming chairs so much that they decided to use them during their E3 activities. They even had Dante Exum, the Utah Jazz NBA player, spin by to try one of the Kaiser premium gaming chairs.

What's in the Box?

The Anda Seat Assassin King gaming chair I'm looking at today arrived in a very large box with the company logo and product name on it. Each part was nicely protected by plastic film or foam.

Starting with the backrest, I noticed that it had a nice heft to it while taking it out of the box. The front shows an embroidered Anda Seat logo, the signature racing-style cutouts, and the red and white color accents on the sides. The back is also adorned with an embroidery of the company's logo. While handling this first section of the chair for pictures, I could already see and feel the excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into this product. The PVC leather seems to be of good quality and the stitching is pretty much perfect. The padding had just the right firmness one would expect from this type of chair.

The seat comes with the armrests pre-installed. The middle section, where the actual seating will happen, is fairly large. The sides start at seat level towards the back, then flare out and up slightly towards the front. This design gives the chair its racing look without sacrificing functionality or comfort. The sides will not dig into thighs or restrict user movements, even when adopting various seating postures. Anda Seat uses an industry leading high-density, mold-shaping foam to pad these gaming chairs, which has a 65Kg/m3 density. There is also a 1.5 inch thick layer of memory foam for optimal comfort.

Looking underneath the seat, some parts of the steel frame are visible alongside the wide support straps and upholstery hooks. Once again, Anda Seat goes above and beyond the industry standards by using extremely durable materials for the frame construction. The steel tubes used to give the Assassin King gaming chair its signature shape are 22mm in diameter and 2 mm thick. No wonder Anda Seat feels perfectly comfortable offering a lifetime warranty on these frames.

Next we find the five-star aluminum base, which has machined reinforcements, thus providing stability and strength. On paper, the base is rated for 1500Kg (3300lbs) static load, and 600Kg (1323lbs) dynamic load.

The rest of the hardware needed to put the chair together came in a smaller box tucked in with the chair pieces. Anda Seat uses a sturdy Z support multi-functional tilt mechanism coupled with a Class 4 hydraulic piston – complete with plastic cover. We also get a set of five wheels, a couple of Allen keys, and a detailed instructions guide. The "King size" wheels are 65mm in diameter and covered in PU rubber to ensure stability and smooth movements. A couple of plastic covers for the mechanisms on each side of the chair are also included. I personally prefer the snap-in style covers without visible screw holes.

Last but definitely not least, Anda Seat bundles the Assassin King series with two pillows. The smaller neck pillow, or "Velour Head Pillow", sports the usual shape most gaming chair manufacturers are adopting. It has the right thickness and is pinched in the middle, allowing the neck area to cradle nicely when leaning back on the chair. Since the neck pillow is attached to the chair by means of a strap passing through the decorative cutouts, there is very little room for adjustment. If you are not tall enough, the pillow might end up right on the back of your head, preventing you from leaning back comfortably. I highly suggest checking the charts on the Anda Seat website to find the right chair for your height and size. The lumbar support cushion measures 35cm (13.75 inch) by 30.5cm (12inch). The cushion is made of the same high density foam material used in the chair and sculpted to perfectly fit the shape of a human lower-back. Thus, greatly helping with the adoption of a proper sitting posture. I wasn't sure about this relatively huge cushion at first. After a few weeks of use however, I think I might order a few spares to use with my other gaming chairs. The size and shape of Anda Seat's lumbar cushion is simply perfect.

Final Product & Conclusion

As mentioned earlier, assembling the Anda Seat Assassin King was a breeze. The final product is a very nice looking gaming chair that feels extremely sturdy. I'm not sure where the moniker "Assassin King" came from, but it seems like something the gaming crowd might find appealing.

The racing-inspired design is not flashy or tacky, which is a big plus in my book. After using the chair exclusively for a few weeks, I can tell that Anda Seat put a lot of thought into comfort and functionality over extreme looks. It offers a full range of adjustments including seat height, back rest angle, chair tilt, and 3d arm rest controls. The various levers have a satisfying resistance to them and feel durable. Overall, the chair is perfectly stable and the wheels are pretty smooth even when I rolled back and forth between the two desks in my basement office. Don't try that at home!

The Assassin King is predominantly black, with subtle red and white accents on the back rest and pillows. The back rest and seat sections are fairly wide, with shapes conveniently designed for taller and bigger users. For someone like me who's 180 cm (5'11") and roughly 85Kg (187lbs), the chair is a perfect fit. The neck pillow is at the right height and the lumbar support cushion does its job without being intrusive or awkward. I was also able to lean on the chair all the way back to its maximum angle of 160 degrees without it feeling unstable or wobbly. The Assassin King series chairs will accommodate taller and larger users, up to 220cm (7'3") and 206Kg (454lbs). Shorter and smaller users might find it oversized and are advised to check the Anda Seat Assassin series instead.

Here's the Anda Seat Assassin King in its natural habitat, where it fits seamlessly with other modern gaming peripherals such as the outstanding Arozzi Arena gaming desk. At a glance, you can see the "racing DNA" of this chair with its curved lines and subtle color accents. Anda Seat took the bucket seat concept and adapted it for optimal comfort by enlarging the back rest section, slightly flaring the sides at shoulder level, and considerably reducing the edges height in the already roomy seating section. Using the Assassin King for a few hours straight did not cause any discomfort, and the lumbar support cushion helped a lot in that regard. The neck pillow however needed a break in period to achieve an acceptable level of comfort.

Anda Seat has a wide selection of gaming chairs readily available from the usual channels, via retail stores and online. The most affordable option is the Assassin series starting at $299.99 CAD; while the premium Kaiser series sits as king of the hill with a $549.99 CAD price tag to match. A quick look at the official website shows that today's review sample is positioned towards the middle of the product stack cost wise, with a $399.99 CAD asking price. That's not very affordable by all means, but the overall quality and excellent craftsmanship makes it a worthwhile investment.

Anda Seat ticked all the right boxes with the Assassin King chair and left me very little room for criticism. My first gripe is with the neck pillow, which could've been implemented differently to allow for a wider adjustment range. My second is with the outdated-looking mechanism covers on each side; I'm not a big fan of the screw hole and overall design. The plastic covers, although very sturdy and well made, still managed to look cheap to me compared to the rest of the components.

By leveraging its years of experience as a race car seat-maker and controlling both the design and manufacturing processes, Anda Seat managed to deliver a well-rounded product for gamers that punches above its weight price wise. Highly recommended for those who want to game in style!

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