Why do you need armrests for your office/gaming seat

Sitting is tough face up. Having a chair with lumbar support can help protect your back and prevent injuries. When choosing an office chair, look for a full back that will support your back and your head. Many of the best office chairs offer adjustable lumbar support. This adjustment allows you to mimic the natural curve of the spine and support it.

You can find a handful of detailed professional tests of the seats, probably because the expenditure and time required to examination them could be prohibitive. AndaSeat Professional Gaming Chair conducts the most in-depth testing; we sent several of our besting model gaming chairs to the top editors in the gaming industry. Owner reviews at retail websites (including Smart Furniture, Amazon, Staples, Walmart, and Ikea) are the best way to find out how gaming/office chairs stand up to daily use. One of the keys is adjustable armrests.

An armchair is really a comfy chair using support on both sides for the biceps and triceps. You always say that someone sits in an armchair. Chair Armrests help to keep your forearms parallel to the floor while typing and using your mouse. Adjust your chair so that your feet can comfortably rest flat. Especially with AndaSeat gaming chair, the armrests are PU covered, providing a better softness for your arms to rest.