Where Can I Buy a Racing Gaming Chair?

Where Can I Buy a Racing Gaming Chair?

To buy a gaming chair, you first need to identify your requirements. How much will you use it? Which type of fabric do you prefer? What additional features, like lumber or neck pillow, would you like? The type of foam and overall build quality should be checked as well before choosing a gaming chair. These factors will determine the chair that will go best with your gaming or office setup. Several sites offer a range of gaming chairs with varying quality and features. But worry not! We have found the sites with the best gaming chair in Canada for you!


The first in line is Staples ergonomic chairs which have a vast variety of chairs from different brands. The site has chairs starting from $90 which are very economical for many users. However, the best product offered on-site is the AndaSeat series which starts from $379. Some products include AndaSeat Axe Series, Assassin King Series, and Spirit King Series.

Best Buy

Best Buy offers the best ergonomic office chairs in Canada with a wide price as well as brand range. The site offers racing gaming chairs from 69 brands and pricing starts from $130 for many brands. Though as mentioned earlier, you should check the materials and overall build quality of such products before buying. Better yet, buy a chair that comes with a lifetime warranty, like AndaSeat Spirit King Series which starts retailing from $495!


Amazon is one of the most versatile sites with a broad spectrum of brands and prices that accommodates every budget gaming setup builds. The racing gaming chairs start selling for $80 and come with standard features, like recline, armrests, lumbar and neck pillow, as well as PU leather covering. Premium quality chairs, like AndaSeat Dark Knight Premium, or T-Pro II start selling for $600 and come with better features like 4D armrests, steeper recline, high-quality leather, as well as lifetime warranty.


Wayfair has one of the most economical gaming chairs available for your gaming setup. These chair prices start from $130 and come in various sizes from small to XL. With over 100 brands to offer, the best gaming chair you can go for is the AndaSeat Axe Series which has a more ergonomic design than its competitors with a similar price range. It also comes in 3 colors so you can decide which color goes best with your RGB gaming PC setup.


You can find a PU leather gaming chair for $110 which has an ergonomic design and foam five-star base. These chairs do not come with pillows or 2D/3D armrests, as well as an extreme recliner, unlike other high-quality gaming chairs which support recline up to 135o. Walmart also offers premium quality chairs like AndaSeat Axe Series or AKRacing EX gaming chair which starts selling at $350. These chairs can be ordered online easily with 4-5 business days delivery period. Walmart also has a policy of free returns and also supports the brand’s warranty policies.

Now, the only thing that remains is to sign up on one of these websites and order a racing gaming chair for your professional gaming desk setup!