What Type of Chair is Best for Office?

What Type of Chair is Best for Office?


When it comes to choosing an office chair, many factors come into play. If your office requires employees to work from 9-5 then it is important to provide them with comfortable office chairs. This will ensure that they don’t incur any posture-related injury and their productivity can always be at its peak. By comfortable, I don’t mean a leather cushion chair with a recline function because you will find your employees sleeping on it every Monday. It is important to remember that our goal is to maximize our employees’ productivity by providing them the best possible comfort.

Types of Chairs

There is a variety of models in the market and among them are variants. Each model has a specific purpose and is suitable for that specific environment only. For example, you wouldn’t use a laboratory stool in a bank or an office chair in a clinic for a patient. There are ergonomic designs to support the human body to maintain posture while feeling comfortable. Among ergonomic chairs, there are various types such as High Back-office chairs for tall people who might find it uncomfortable to sit on an average chair, The Designer Chairs are not usually for normal offices but for designers or platforms which promote creativity and art because it sheds a light on aesthetics because of its sleek design. Task Chairs are usually for people who need to be seated for a couple of hours, after that people might experience discomfort sitting on them; they are popular in visiting offices and among those needing cheaper chairs. Depending on the work environment we can decide which type of chair will be best for us to increase our productivity. When looking for the best chairs for home office we will prefer chairs with a recline function and neck pillow as when we need a small break in between we can just recline and take a power nap.


Among all the variants there are some features that we must check before getting an ergonomic chair, some of them are discussed here.

Height Adjustable

A chair must be height adjustable so that various tasks can be performed by various people so the height must range between 16 to 22 inches off the floor, which will allow you to shit with your feet flat on the floor with a proper posture.

Lumbar Support

Chairs with lumbar support are made to give you additional support in your lumbar region which is the lower back. According to an estimate, around 60% to 70% of people experience lower back pain in industrialized countries which is often caused by sitting on either an office chair or a gaming chair for longer.

Seat Material

The seat must have enough padding so that the person can feel comfortable while sitting for long hours. It is also important that the fabric breathes and isn’t too hard or soft.


Armrests allow your arms to relax and relieve the pressure on your shoulders. It’s a plus point if the armrests are also height-adjustable although there is no specific need for it, you only need to check if your elbows and lower arms are resting lightly.


All in all, these are the necessary features you should look for in an ideal and realistic chair for the office which will improve your posture, increase productivity, and keep you comfortable.