What Makes AndaSeat The Leader In Gaming Chair?

What Makes AndaSeat The Leader In Gaming Chair?

With the explosive rise of esports, gaming chair companies today are a dime a dozen. It’s almost as if a new one pops up every other day to jump on the bandwagon and profit off of the hottest market and the resulting increase in demand for gaming chairs. But cheap knock-offs like these can never compete with industry leaders like AndaSeat, and in this article, we'll teach you why AndaSeat stands head and shoulders above its competition to be the best gaming chair in Canada.

Material Quality

Let's start with the basics; material. The steel used in the wheels and frame of the chair, aluminum in the base, as well as the leather or fabric for the upholstery, the padding, and the memory foam for the lumbar and neck support pillows is of the highest quality. AndaSeat makes zero compromises on quality and uses only the most premium material to construct its chairs. It uses the most durable AD+ PVC leather and AD Alpha Linen fabric, complemented by the TitanSteelAD+ frame and Oc-TopsAD+ Aluminum Base to provide not only the highest comfort and breathability, but also the greatest stability and durability.


To utilize and give shape to its top-quality material AndaSeat built specialized laboratories and spent over a decade researching ergonomics and optimum chair structure, finally inventing their revolutionary AD+ design. This sets it apart from its competitors by enhancing the user’s posture and alleviating tension from the back and neck, allowing them to sit comfortably for long hours. Their designs are certified by SGS for safety and durability.

Service and Lifetime Warranty

For AndaSeat their customers are more than just a source of income, they're a priority. This is apparent in the way they take feedback in real-time for customized orders to make sure you get the exact kind of chair you want. For ease of mind and assurance of quality, they even invite influencers to test AndaSeat chairs. They listen to what their customers want and release co-brand series of back support chairs such as Marvel themed chairs and Fnatic collaboration series, sporting the esports teams’ signature colours. And if you’re unsatisfied with the quality of your chair, AndaSeat has you covered with a lifetime warranty in Canada, and 2 to 6 years of warranty internationally, covering things from missing materials and minor defects all the way up to major defects and product failure, ensuring the utmost satisfaction for their customers.


Lastly, what makes any gaming chair worth the investment is how ergonomic it is, which comes from its degree of adjustability. This is where AndaSeat truly shines. Their chairs allow you to adjust every component from the seat height and depth, the back support recline, lumbar and neck support pillows, to even the armrests, letting you mold your chair to best suit your body.

In light of all the facts above, it’s clear to see why AndaSeat has stood out amongst all its competitors as a beacon of excellence for all these years.