What Characteristics of a Chair is Important?

For an office worker or gamer, a chair is where most of the day is spent. So, could there be anything different about a chair with lumbar support that can help ease up the health issues that come with prolonged sittings? Let's find out some characteristics of a back support chair that are important and make a good chair!

The Top Features of a Good Office Chair


The backrest is the essential part of an office chair or a back support chair because it helps support the whole of your back spine. Backrest gives relief from pressure points for long hours. With this feature, one can work for 8 hours without pain in the lower or upper back area.

Chair with lumbar support and backrest also provides relief from extreme temperatures and fatigue due to prolonged sitting posture. 

Seat Height

The height of a good office chair must be easily adjustable to make a chair with lumbar support the most comfortable for people and the best ergonomic benefits.

The height of a good office chair must be easily adjustable so as not to cause undue strain on your neck or back muscles. Adjustable seat heights also allow people to have different options, such as lowering their seats during periods of prolonged sitting such as presentations or meetings.


The chair's material is one of the essential features to look for in an office chair. It should be made from a durable fabric or leather to last for a long time. The material should also be easy to clean and maintain as spills and stains can happen from time to time.


Armrests constitute a significant part of an office back support chair as they offer support for the arm, wrist and elbow. They also provide comfort at the end of a long day.


A good office chair should have armrests for different reasons. The armrests of a chair should provide plenty of support when leaning on the armrest, and with their design, they should avoid any discomfort or pain in the elbows. They also form a barrier between your body and the front edge of the seat that helps to prevent pressure points or nerve compression. Finally, this will also give you stability when lifting your upper body weight from an upright position to resting on an armrest.


A good office chair with lumbar support offers support, flexibility and stability. But why is stability the most important feature?


All other features will not be of much use if you don't have the stability to get a comfortable position for your back. A lack of stability can lead to back pain and can damage your spine in the long run.


To get a stable chair, it should have support at the back and under the knees and a flat seat surface with a good angle for air circulation between hips and thighs.