What Chairs Are Good For Gaming?

What Chairs Are Good For Gaming?

For casual PC users, a gaming chair may seem to be overkill. However, many people fail to consider some points that, although insignificant, may elevate the user experience and improve their lifestyle. So, what is the best computer chair you can get? Well, here is our list of some of the best ergonomic chairs for gaming.

AndaSeat Axe Series

The best gaming chair that comes in line with current gaming fashion and modern comfort is the AndaSeat Axe Series. The popular selling feature of this product is its super-comfortable PVC Leather, which is durable, easy to clean, and safe to use. The unique ergonomic design is meant to be comfortable which makes the gaming experience flawless and unlimited. The sturdy steel framework is complemented by cold-cured super high-density foam. The back has a 90-160o recline which has been tested rigorously for quality control. The seat also comes with lumbar support and head pillows as well as 2-dimensional armrests to further enhance the user experience. As far as the price goes, the Axe Series starts at $400!

AndaSeat Assassin King Series

The name speaks for itself. The Assassin King Series has the perfect AD+ design which has been tested for 10+ years with only one goal: Comfort. The seat dons a breathable leather covering which is stain and scratch-resistant. It also comes with the same reclining back as the Axe Series. The head and lumbar are also supported by memory pillows which are sensitive to pressure and temperature, adjusting accordingly. Unlike Axe, it supports 3D armrests and has a steel framework with a sleek aluminum base. The Assassin King Series starts from $500 and comes in three color variables: Red, Blue, and Grey.

AndaSeat T-Pro 2

The T-Pro 2 comes in 3 color variables: Blue/Black, Black/Grey, and all Black. It has a standard XL size which is made of Titan steel framework and aluminum base. The 4-dimensional armrests ensure maximum comfort during the long-hour gaming session. The series also comes with a memory foam head and back pillows which means every user has their comfort while sitting. The reclining back and the soft Alpha linen fabric further adds to the user's comfort and lifestyle. The T-Pro 2 starts retailing at $700.

Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series

This seat comes in three sizes (Small, Regular, and XL) which range from $470 to $520. As per Secretlab’s site, this is their most advanced chair ever made. It comes with a pebble seat base and a mix of leather and fabric covering. Memory pillows are also an add-in available with the base model. The best thing about the product is that it comes with a 5-year warranty and an Anti-counterfeit tag for verification.

DXRacer Racing Series PRO

The $400 series has stain-resistant leather and comes in contrasting variations of Black/White, Black/Blue, and Black/Red, however, the seat is only available in standard size. The chair also comes with an adjustable backrest that can go up to 135o with a multi-function tilt mechanism.

So, with so many options on the table, which chair will be the best fit for you?