How Long Does Gaming Chair Last?

How Long Does Gaming Chair Last?

Gaming chairs are an essential part of a gaming setup. However, how long a gaming chair lasts may be a crucial factor for your experience. Many chairs promise premium quality build and sturdy structure for body support, but after a month or two, they start to show signs of weakness and eventually break apart. Sometimes the wheels get stuck or break, or the recliner gets jammed, or the armrests break apart. So, if you are going to get the best chairs for home office or gaming setups, you should consider few things.

Leather v. Fabric

Fabric is an important part of the chair as it defines the comfort you get while sitting. Most companies use synthetic nylon fabric for covering as they are long-lasting and durable. Some chairs use leather covering which is also preferred by many users since they are easier to clean and aesthetically pleasing. However, leathers degrade faster and may take up to two years to degrade. Some premium quality gaming chairs in Canada use different variations of leather covering which can last longer and are more comfortable. Premium leather blends are also more breathable, and their colors also last longer. AndaSeat’s T-Compact and Kaiser II are some examples of premium quality leather and fabric seats that last more than 3-4 years after heavy use.


Cheaper chairs use memory padding which can deform or flatten after excessive use. You may start to feel the steel frame while sitting which is not a good sign. Premium gaming chairs use cold foam padding which does not deform over time and is also used in luxury cars and airplane seats. These gaming chairs last far longer than those with memory foam padding. Although cold foam is used, quality chairs still use memory foam in pillows which makes it easier to adjust your back for maximum comfort.

How Are You Using It?

Usually, good gaming chairs are meant to last a minimum of 2 years and if you’re really lucky, it can go up to 3-4 years. This also depends on the usage of chairs. If you are a casual gamer or office worker, you may use it for 8-9 hours a day. In that case, it may last longer. But if you’re a hardcore gamer and use it for more than 12 hours, it may give up easily. Other factors may also influence the product life, e.g., maintenance of individual components. Cleaning the leather, frames, or armrests may increase the lifetime of the chair overall and save you money in the future.

Some things to look out for when buying a gaming chair are the materials used in the chair, i.e., type of fabric, padding, framework, and overall build quality. Another thing you should look at is the warranty that the manufacturer is offering. Cheap products may have a short warranty (up to 12 months) while premium quality may have a 2-years warranty. AndaSeat is an exception, as they offer a lifetime warranty for their products in Canada. So, go ahead and check out their store right now for some premium gaming chairs!