Do Gaming Chair Break Easily?

Do Gaming Chair Break Easily?

Gaming chairs have recently become the latest part of gaming setup trends. Chairs were not considered an important part of a gaming rig, but nowadays, a gaming PC is not complete without a gaming computer chair. But should you buy a gaming chair? When you compare them to a conventional chair, a gaming chair is definitely expensive so they must be special. Right? Let’s see what they have to offer.

Key Components of Gaming Chairs

There are six key components of a gaming chair: the metal frame, armrest, base, wheels, gas lift, and cover material. Some chairs may include additional features like neck and lumbar pillows. The metal frame is usually made of steel and is the strongest part of the chair. Then comes the base which is made of either steel or aluminum in most cases for better support and durability. The armrests are made of high-quality aluminum, so they are lightweight. Some good chairs, like AndaSeat T-Compact, also have soft rubber covering on armrests for more comfort. The casters or wheels are made of steel for heavy-weight support and durability. The gas lift is a small but important part of the chair since it lets you adjust your height with the table. The most important part of the seat is the covering. Most chairs use leather covering but some also use nylon fabric which lasts longer. Some also use linen fabric, like T-Compact, which is much softer and comfortable. The padding used for seats also makes a difference. Cheap chairs use memory foam padding which may deform over time. Quality chairs use cold foam padding which holds their shape for a longer time. This foam is also used in luxury and racing cars. So, you can also call it a gaming chair for racing!

How Long Do They Last?

A typical gaming chair manufacturer tests their chairs extensively before launching them in the market. Gaming chairs were made after years of research and studies, so they are designed to last longer. The typical life of a gaming chair is 2 years (after heavy use), but some may go up to 3-4 years. This being said, gaming chairs are not meant to break easily because of their sturdy components and assembly. However, users may play an important role in the product life. Although these chairs can support up to 225 lb of weight, excessive use, heavyweight, and long hours of sitting may damage the gas lift or the base easily. Moreover, rigorous use, e.g., punching the armrests, kicking the chair, etc. may also affect some components and reduce product life.

Which Gaming Chair Is the Best?

It is highly advised that you go for premium quality gaming chairs which cost around $300 and above. These chairs are tested and use high-quality materials. Some personal preferences are AndaSeat T-Compact, Kaiser II, and T-Pro 2 which all use high-quality materials and also come with a Lifetime Warranty!