Are High Back Chairs Better?

Are High Back Chairs Better?

“One size fit all; whether you're talking about clothes, or chairs, or anything in between”. This sentence couldn't be more wrong. Everyone has different heights, weights, proportions, and preferences and need things to be tailored specifically to their needs. This applies to back support chairs more than almost anything else, leading many to wonder whether they should get mid-back chairs or high-back chairs (no one ever wants low back chairs, they're kind of useless). In this article, we'll attempt to answer that question for you.

What Are Mid-Back Chairs?

So, what are mid-back chairs? Essentially, they are chairs where the backrest is at or below shoulder height; meaning they provide support to the thoracic and lumbar spine. These chairs don’t have any support for the head and neck therefore the user has to be more conscious of maintaining good posture or risk straining their neck.

Pros & Cons of Mid Back Chairs

Owing to their smaller, more compact size, these chairs are great for smaller offices where space is an issue, or when portability is important. They're good for people who only need to use them for a few hours, or if they have a standing desk and can alternate between sitting and standing. They are also more cost-effective. However, mid-back chairs offer no support for the head and neck, which could lead to excessive strain on the cervical spine, especially for taller people. This also makes them unsuitable for sitting in for long periods of time.

What Are High-back Chairs?

High-back chairs, as the name implies, have a higher backrest that also supports the head and neck. They come in two forms, either the backrest is tall enough to support the head, or there is a separate neck support piece attached to the backrest. These chairs support the thoracic, lumbar, and cervical spine hence are a more comfortable chair for the office than mid-back chairs.

Pros & Cons of High Back Chairs

Since high back chairs have a dedicated neck support, it provides greater comfort and alleviates much of the stress placed on the spine while sitting down. It also helps maintain good posture by allowing users to lean back and rest their head on the neck rest, preventing them from leaning too far back or too forward. This makes it ideal for sitting in for extended periods of time, or if someone already suffers from neck and back pain, as it'll stop the pain from worsening. They're also a better fit for taller people than mid-back chairs. That being said, there are some drawbacks as well. These chairs occupy much more space, making them ill-suited for smaller offices. They also cost quite a bit more than mid-back chairs.

Overall, whether high-back chairs are better or not depends on your needs. If you’re shorter and have a small office, opt for mid-back chairs. But if, like most others, you prefer high back chairs, then we’d recommend investing in one from AndaSeat, the leading ergonomic chair company in Canada.