Are Gaming Chairs Worth For Your Back?

Are Gaming Chairs Worth For Your Back?

What makes gaming chairs so special? Do they improve your gaming experience? Are you able to get more kills and aim better? Are you able to play for long hours? Gaming chairs prove that it’s not just sitting anymore, it’s an experience. This experience is defined by the upper hand a gaming chair has over conventional chairs, and we are here to discuss just that.

Traditional Office Chairs v. Gaming Chairs

Although both chair types are designed for long hours of sitting, they differ significantly. Some key features of an office chair are adjustable headrests, wingless backseat, flat seat pan, waterfall-shaped seat edge, low to high recline, adjustable lumbar support, and 2D armrests. These chairs are not designed for extremely long hours of unlike gaming chairs which are comfortable for more than 10-12 hours of sitting. However, office chairs work just as fine as gaming chairs and can be considered good back support chairs.

Gaming Chairs Features

Gaming chairs are heavily inspired by racing car seats. The intention behind such a design is to make a sturdy back support chair that can stabilize the body posture for a better gaming experience. It’s a fact that you can’t play well without a comfortable sitting position. The distinguishing feature in a gaming chair is the winged backseat and bucket seat design which support your back and lower body. The seats usually also come with removable head and lumbar pillows for extra comfort. The armrests, unlike office chairs, can be 3D or 4D, i.e., they can be moved up/down, left/right, or rotated/tilted. Moreover, to go along with your RGB Light gaming PC setup, the seats also come in contrasting colors like red, blue, etc.

Health Benefits

Gaming chairs come with countless health benefits. The very first being improved back posture. The pillows, backseat, and bucket seat design greatly reduce back pain resulting from long gaming hours. Moreover, the fabric quality greatly helps in temperature control, since gaming chairs have soft fabric/leather which is breathable and comfortable. The memory foam used for cushioning makes every user’s experience personal. It also improves blood regulation, unlike conventional chairs which may constrict blood flow, especially in the lower body. The head and neck are also relieved of pain occurring from sitting without a headrest. This also results in less headache and improved concentration during gaming.

You can easily find an ergonomic chair in Canada with good colors and features. These gaming chairs start selling at $300 and can go up to $500. Granted such prices may seem to be overkill, but after using a gaming chair, you will be astonished by the results and improvement in your lifestyle. Some of the best ergonomic gaming chairs can be found at AndaSeat like their Kaiser II or T-Pro 2 gaming chairs which start selling at $300. Gaming chairs have become an essential part of any gaming setup. So, if you want to up your experience and get a real experience, buy a gaming chair!