Are gaming chairs good for long hours?

Are gaming chairs good for long hours?

Whether or not you are a gamer, during current times it’s important that you have a gaming chair for use. For your online work, you need to have the best chairs for home office with high comfort and a good lifetime. These chairs are designed to boost your experience to the next level with features not remotely present in conventional chairs. These ergonomic chairs are designed with the human body in mind so that the users may have an elevated lifestyle.

Gaming Chair Features

The most prominent feature of gaming chairs is their extreme reclining ability. You can recline up to 135o in most chairs unless it's AndaSeat T-Compact which can go up to 160o! The neck and lumbar pillow are an added feature in most gaming chairs which are meant to support the lower back and neck spine so that the natural spinal structure is maintained while sitting. Moreover, cold foam is used for seat padding as it does not deform or flatten over time. The fabric used for covering is an important part of the chair. Depending on chairs quality, some use leather while others use nylon fabric. However, leather is more preferred for its aesthetics and easy maintenance.

Health Benefits of Gaming Chairs

So, with all these features in gaming chairs, are they really good for your body? These features were scientifically designed by ergonomists and tested after years of research and surveys. The recline helps greatly in reducing existing back pain as well as improving blood flow. The design overall helps reduce stress in the lower spine and relieves pressure. Moreover, with all the stress and pressure gone, it also helps in improving concentration and functionality overall. Users have experienced fewer headaches and improved performance over time after switching to a gaming chair. Sitting for long hours may not be good for your health but sitting in a gaming chair may help counter this effect to some extent.

Is It Worth It?

Although its design makes it the best version of a chair you can get, it is still not advised by health experts to sit for long hours. The optimal sitting time as advised by experts is 3-4 hours a day and 30 minutes in one go. Of course, you can’t work if you only sit for 4 hours a day! Crunching numbers, making presentations, or emailing your boss requires much more than that. This is where gaming chairs come in. Gaming chairs are designed not only to provide comfort while sitting but also to reduce the impact of sitting for long hours. With a gaming chair, the stress on your joints, spine, and blood circulation is reduced by a ton. This not only means you to be able to sit for more than 4 hours, but also enjoy doing it!

Gaming chairs can be found in almost every store but the best ergonomic office chair in Canada can come to your home in just a few days if you order one from AndaSeat!