Anda Seat Assassin King High-Back Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Today we investigate one of our preferred gaming chairs, the Assassin King Series from Anda Seat. Liberal extents, far-reaching change alternatives, an especially powerful edge just as its 'imperial' plan is the thing that makes this chair so appealing. Right now, we will inspect this specific gaming office chair cautiously and check whether he satisfies his notoriety. 

Anda Seat King Review: The First Impression

As the bundle showed up, we were astounded on how substantial it was. The divided gauges an all-out 55lbs – on the off chance that you live on the upper floor, you going to have a great time :).

Subsequent to unpacking the gaming office chair, we went directly to the get-together. The uplifting news is, there are no extra devices required and the individual parts are likewise caused exact enough with the goal that you to have positively no issues in building the chair. While collecting the Anda Seat there was not dissatisfaction at all which certainly is an or more! The get together takes around 20-30 minutes and if there are a few issues and you don't have the foggiest idea where to go on, you can examine the QR-code on the manual to watch a nitty-gritty video of the gathering – model work! 

Solace and long haul capacities

As we have now been sitting in bunches of various office, gaming, and official chairs, we before long saw the huge measure of opportunity for thighs and shoulders because of the bigger estimations of the chair. The Anda Seat King Series offers a less forceful help contrasted with a large number of its less expensive rivals, which in general feels entirely good. Without a doubt, the 'hustling feeling' is somewhat lost, yet you get remunerated by liberality and space, which is all through given by the Assassin King Series. This is the reason we call it a gaming office chair since it joins the upsides of both chair types. Sitting on the Assassin King Series, you will actually feel like a king on his royal position. 

Particularly gamers with more extensive thighs or suppose a greater stature regularly have issues with an excessive amount of side help. Regardless of whether the early introduction is acceptable, it blurs rapidly if the seat is squeezing and nipping. In the event that you are an individual who adores opportunity and space, and don't care for the game's vehicles feeling, at any rate, the Assassin King Series may be actually the correct decision for you.

Single-word about the ergonomics: If you think you'll miss an ergonomic help because of the wide estimations of the chair, don't be apprehensive. You can modify your situation with the two help cushions and take a solid sitting stance. The exclusively flexible armrests likewise add to a for the most part agreeable and sound sitting position.

For which stature is the Assassin King Series appropriate?

As usual, the 'official' data from stores and producers contrast: One says the chair is made for individuals from 5″9 to 6″1, different says it is for 5″11 to 6″7. In the event that you take a gander at the stacking limit, it is very comparative: When the chair was presented, Anda Seat said it could convey individuals up to 180kg (360lbs), which was redressed when to 150kg (300lbs) as far as possible. You can hypothesize here – possibly the adjustments were made due to the new Anda Seat Tank Series with their most extreme heap of 200kg (400lbs). Speaking for myself, I am 6''3 and fit easily in the Anda Seat Assassin King Series and in any event, for littler people of 5''7, the chair is fine.


Shading varieties and extras


  • Available hues: Looking at changed stores, you can locate the standard hues additionally accessible for the King-Series. Red, green, blue, white, dark and dark – there is something for everybody. I for one like it straightforward and picked the dark one.


  • Accessories: Actually, the chair as of now has everything the gamer's heart wants. On the off chance that you like, you can buy the one or other little overhaul. We prescribe to investigate the Blade Rollers from Anda Seat itself, which permit the King to slide on parquet or overlay much calmer. On the off chance that you take these, you don't need to purchase an uncommon office chair cushion to ensure your surface. There's likewise a discretionary U-molded pad for the most ideal head act accessible.


The Anda Seat King Series gaming office chair offers somewhat less help and dashing inclination contrasted with littler, more tightly gaming chairs. Then again, it offers especially liberal measurements that give the seat more opportunity and a reliably elevated level of seating solace for a long time of gaming. By and by, we certainly incline toward the sentiment of the King's seat. We likewise need to make reference to the quiet standard rollers and the general power structure and the great workmanship – little credit additionally for the counter slip stubs on the base, just as for the 5-way customizable armrests. 

Generally, the Anda Seat King is a top of the line gaming office chair and is at present one of our top picks, which we can nearly prescribe to everybody.